Sunday Scribblings #227 — Half-Way


This will be short and sweet.

There are many people that think “Eat Pray Love” is a life changing book — but I’m half-way through it and I can’t stand the thought of reading another paragraph. No offense to anybody who has read it and loves it.

I may see the movie tho — I really like Julie Roberts.

‘Nuff said.

Drop by Sunday Scribblings if you have something that you would like to say half-way.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #227 — Half-Way

  1. I liked the book, but one of the main criticisms leveled at it is that it is VERY self obsessed. Well, it’s a memoir and those are supposed to be self obsessed I guess, but still…I know I wanted to tell Elizabeth Gilbert to get over herself a number of times. Plus, Bali is not my idea of a tropical paradise (I live in Australia where Bali is frequented as a cheap, alcohol fueled obnoxious holiday) so the mystique of that was lost on me. I’m not sure I’ll see the movie, but I do like Julia Roberts. 🙂

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