The Simple Woman’s Daybook — August 10, 2010



Outside my Window … very quiet, no breeze at all — the heat and humidity continue, although the weathermen are predicting cooler temps soon. The sun coming through the leaves and reflecting the humid air is very pretty, I wish I had taken a picture!!

I am thinking … that the sun shining through the windows is starting it’s move back southward — the shadows are falling on a different part of the floor now, and fall will be soon here. I saw a maple tree starting to change colors today.  Granted, maples change first, but even so — the circle goes around and around.

I am thankful for…our tidy house, the floors clean, laundry done & put away, a body strong enough to do these chores.

From the kitchen … I’d like to have the haddock that’s on sale at the market this week one more time — yummy and so good for us.

I am wearing … my most favorite and comfortable nightie

I am reading … “This Time Together” by Carol Burnett, a memoir

I am hoping … for good things for my daughter and her family

I am hearing … a squeaking squirrel that seems to be really ticked off about something, and crickets that sound like they have no energy.

I am creating … dishcloths! Lots and lots of dishcloths!!

Around the house … I need to start a list of all of the partially done sewing and knitting projects that I have going.  That will be in addition to the list of projects that I hope to get to in the next year or so!!

One of my favorite things … watching the GrandDollies playing together on the living room floor.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week …. an inventory of on-hand and need to buy craft supplies in anticipation of a trip to Joann Fabrics with a very good friend, finishing my book in order to get it back to the library by Monday 8/11/10, light chores around the house.

How about a picture … a quick pic that I took on our way to Acadia National Park in July.  We had stopped to stretch our legs in Camden? Bath?  Not sure which little village, but these lovely lilies were right in front of our car.

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