Facebook not allowed here!!


Without a doubt, deactivating my FB account was the best thing I could have done for myself. I was spending so much time farming, cooking, gifting, etc, etc, on that site that I was ignoring the things that give me the most pleasure in my life. Those things would be Sweet Baboo, sewing, knitting, crocheting, and sorrowfully, the GrandDollies. I was spending an incredible amount of time each day just figuring the most profitable crop, or dish, or computing when I needed to be home in front of the computer to harvest or serve …… Ridiculous!!

I really should have known better, though. I stopped smoking in 2001 and, although being better for it, I am and always will be an addictive personality. I only have to look around my sewing room to see the truth in that statement!! I have more yarn, fabric, notions, thread and what have you to last me for the next 50 or so years.

If spending too much time on FB was a reason to stop using it, what I went through while deactivating it sealed the deal.

First of all, I was bombarded messages that my “friends” that were going to miss me if I left FB.  That was the message that I got on the page where you went to deactivate your account.  I ignored that little bit of manipulation, but the next thing (and this really pissed me off, sorry for the language) that FB did was ask WHY I was leaving.  When you checked one of the reasons given (there were 8 or 9) they countered with what you could do to alleviate that particular reason/problem.  Now I ask you, what is there about me that is so attractive and compelling that FB would go through all of that to keep me there?  Again, ridiculous.

So, now that my focus is re-established, I spent part of yesterday at Joann’s in Manchester, CT with my BLF (best little friend) doing some (okay, not some, ALOT!) of craft shopping, then lunch at Bugaboo Creek, then home and I whipped together new seats and backs for our director chairs (I just used the old ones as templates)  and started cutting out fabric for pillows for my daughter’s MIL. (Check out this site for a very simple flanged pillow sham)  Now THAT’s more like it!! No clicking or computing required!


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