Sunday Scribblings #228 — View


The view from my computer is my backyard. We had our computer originally down in the basement, but Sweet Baboo got tired of clomping up and down the stairs and decided that it would better serve us in my sewing room. It was more difficult to get to before, so now, of course, I spend way more time on it than I probably should.

I just spent half an hour observing my view from the computer. And my observations are:

  • There are 3 squirrels that spend an amazing amount of time chasing each other through the line of pine trees that serve as a property line dividing our backyard from the neighbors. I will often be typing and my peripheral vision will pick up branches waving wildly –accompanied by chattering and screeching, three grey streaks run round and round the trunks of the pine trees.  Perhaps they are 2 males vying for the attention of the one female.  Perhaps they are  litter mates.  Whatever, they seem to have a great life.
  • My tuxedo cat thinks she is invisible.  She is hiding under some brush next to my neighbor’s garden shed.  I can see her tail sticking out from under the brush, so I call her name.  No movement.  I call her again. She raises her head up to see what I want.  I laugh at the expression on her face, and she gets up and slinks off deeper into the brush, giving me the old stink eye as she goes.  I think I may have interrupted her hunting game.
  • My neighbor is grilling on his new grill.  Every year, he buys a new grill.  Every year I hear him mumbling about how the grill is terrible, it’s ruining his steaks, he slams things around (sometimes dropping the food on the lawn) then stomps up the stairs and into his house.  I guess it’s never occurred to him that perhaps he is the weakest link and not the grill!!
  • The birdhouses in the yard are quiet now.  In the spring, there was all kinds of activity, birds flitting in and out, yelling at each other, arguing about who lives in which bird house.  They must have gotten it all sorted out. They raised their babies, taught them to fly and now it’s quiet.
  • I’m wondering when my neighbor is going to put his pool chemicals away.  He bought four gallon jugs in May or June, and they have sat on the lawn in a pile — next to the stepladder that hasn’t been put away since June.   They mow around the jugs but don’t feel like they should pick them up and put them in the garden shed.
  • And now it’s time to shut the window and finish this post.  Another neighbor has a fire pit in which he burns the most vile smelling wood practically every night, and I’m getting whiffs of it now.  It floats through the backyard and in through my open windows, if I don’t close them, and the odor lingers until the next day.  How do you tell your neighbor that he burns yucky smelling wood?  And where do you go to find wood like that?  My suspicion is that he picks up construction wood that is on the side of the road to be taken away by the trash men.  You get what you pay for, eh?

Drop by Sunday Scribblings and tell people about your view!!


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