Hairspray that works!!!


This might seem like a strange thing to post, but if there are people out there that have tried every hairspray on the shelves, this is something that they might like.

First of all, I have extremely thin and fine hair.  Even if I go to the hairdresser for a cut and blow dry, the shape of it will maybe last an hour and then it falls flat.  One good hot flash and it won’t even last that long.  I would estimate that over the years, I have probably invested $500 in various hair products, guaranteed to give good results.  The operative word there is “good”.  Not great, not fabulous, just good.

I got really tired of good.

I came across a product called Bumble and Bumble.  It’s called Extra Strength Holding Spray and this stuff works fabulously!!!!  Not just good, but amazing!!!   I tried it yesterday for the first time, sprayed some on when I used my curling iron, and then after fluffing, sprayed it again.  It never flattened out!!  Even with 3 or 4 hot flashes!!  Now that’s a great product!

Now, I bought mine at a drugstore chain and the price just about knocked me over — $25 including tax!!  You should be able to find it elsewhere (maybe on line) a little cheaper but I guarantee that whatever you pay for it, it will be worth every nickel to you.  Personally, I think the next purchase that I make will be on eBay, because there are lot of sample or travel sizes that people sell on there.   Thankfully, the prices for the smaller sizes are smaller too!!  The pocketbook won’t feel the pinch so badly!!


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