The Simple Woman’s Day Book – August 17, 2010



Outside my Window … it’s dark outside but still warm and just a touch humid.

I am thinking … that deactivating my Facebook account was a magnificent thing that I did for myself.

I am thankful for…that I have a job and that my bills are paid. So many haven’t.

From the kitchen … The floor needs a bath — humid weather makes it sticky and the only thing that gets the stickiness out is to mop it. That really doesn’t make alot of sense, does it? The ‘fridge could also use a good scouring out.

I am wearing … comfortable jimjams and nothing on my feet.  I just love the summer!

I am reading … blogs mainly — looking for interesting tutorials to add to my ever growing list in Evernote!!!

I am hoping … for not much right now — I am content.

I am hearing … crickets and tree toads — very low decibels though.  They are tired from chirping all summer.

I am creating … dishcloths/facecloths.  Also have made pillow covers for a friend and have bought sheets to upcycle into cushion covers for my chaise lounges on the deck.  Can’t wait to start working on those!!!

Around the house … I am hearing Sweet Baboo clearing off the counters after our dinner — laughing at something being said on “The Office”.

One of my favorite things …  my Baby Lock Audry A-line sewing machine.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week …. Hope to have a very productive week at work because two of the three docs will be out most of the week.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

A beautiful pond reflecting the beautiful mountains in Acadia National Park

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