I get so annoyed every time I see this.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have noticed how many companies have jumped  on the “hey look, my item is pink and that means that I am donating part of my profits to breast cancer research” wagon.  ( I always wonder what the percentage is that they actually donate.)  And  as you probably know, there will be a statement  and a pink ribbon on the item proclaiming this in plain sight.

This is just a pink clothing collection box.  But, the first time I saw it, which was from a distance, my reaction was “how cool!!  I didn’t know that clothing collection companies could donate too!!”  Which is exactly the reaction that they hope for.

So one day, I stopped and took a look at it. With my camera.

There is nothing on the box saying that any proceeds will be donated to breast cancer research.  There are no pink ribbons.  There is no “Save the Ta-Tas” sign. There is just a box painted Pepto Bismol pink, manipulating you into thinking that they are a breast cancer research supporter, so that you will drop more clothing off at this box than at others that are placed around town.  I wonder how many people have donated clothing thinking that it’s breast cancer research related. After all, for the past few years, if you see an item that is pink, it is breast cancer related.

I had a very strong urge to buy a couple of cans of spray paint and turn it into an orange or blue box.

I know that there is no law dictating what color clothing collection boxes should be painted.

But, man, I hate being manipulated.


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