Simple Woman’s Day Book — September 29, 2010



Outside my Window — it’s dark and cool, with a gentle breeze. The weather is promising to turn rainy and windy tomorrow. We need the rain, but not the wind or thunderstorms.

I am thinking — that tomorrow is the last day of September and I’m torn — autumn is by far my favorite season but summer went by so fast!! I hope we can take a trip to the beach before it gets too cold.

I am thankful for — working every other weekend instead of every weekend.

From the kitchen — clean counters, empty dishwasher, everything in its place. It is a very calming place for me.

I am wearing — pajamas, what else? ;D

I am reading — Impact

I am hearing — the Survivor theme song (one of Sweet Baboo’s favorite shows) and my neighbor’s pool pump running. And very anemic sounding crickets!!

I am creating — double thickness potholders, crocheted in cotton

Around the house — my daughter is vacuuming and mopping my floors for me now and I am enjoying it immensely!! I feel like such a lady of leisure, coming home and having the floors all shiny and clean!!

One of my favorite things — knitting for my family

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week — to stay focused on walking 30 minutes every night, 15-20 minutes of yoga, and weight training.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing — GrandDolly’s twirly skirt that she asked me to make.    This one turned out so well that I believe I will make another one for her.

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Just wondering……


…..why if an adult is harassed or bullied (sexually or otherwise) at work, it’s perfectly acceptable to bring charges against the culprits, but if you are a kid in school, the adults “want to have a dialogue with all concerned to work things out”?

…..why there aren’t more moms (and dads) out there like Tyler Wilson’s that will take a stand against cowardly bullies and demand that something be done about this behavior?  You go Tyler’s Mom!!! Three skirt flips for you and Tyler!!

…..why some (not all) educators can’t get it through their thick heads that children that are bullied do not have a safe place in which to be educated — and isn’t that a child’s right?

This was heartbreaking to watch, chiefly because I was bullied in school, as was my daughter, but I applaud Tyler’s grit.  I hope that those idiots that tried to break his spirit (but had to settle for his arm!!) and would not accept him and his choices get every lousy thing that’s owed to them.  JMHO

Click to watch video Tyler Wilson on Good Morning America

This just in……


Being of an age when bifocals (reading for the over 40 crowd) and mid vision is a necessity (computer monitors), I found this to be interesting.  As I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time adjusting my glasses for whatever task I have at hand, this didn’t seem like much of an inconvenience.  I  sent a copy of it to the docs that I work for and will update when I get their feedback on this.

This article was in the Wall Street Journal in the Technology section

A Different Kind of Eyeglasses


For many people past the age of 40, focusing on close objects—restaurant menus, for instance—just gets harder and harder.

Most people with this condition, called presbyopia, eventually give in and get reading glasses, bifocals or glasses with progressive lenses.

But what if there were another alternative that didn’t require people to carry an extra set of glasses or have only part of their field of vision in focus at any one time?


Zoom Focus Eyewear LLC, of Van Nuys, Calif., has just such an option, and with it won this year’s Silver Innovation Award. The solution: eyeglasses, called TruFocals, that the wearer can manually adjust to give clear, undistorted vision whether reading a book, working on a computer or looking into the distance.

The judges praised the potential large-scale benefit of TruFocals. Richard S. Lang, one of the judges and a physician at the Cleveland Clinic, called the technology a paradigm shift in the way it addresses a problem “that has been handled the same way for many years.”

Mimicking the Eye

For more than 100 years, researchers have tried to come up with adjustable eyeglasses; a Baltimore inventor filed a patent on the idea in 1866. But a workable product that’s easy to adjust, thin, lightweight and accurate proved elusive.

For the Wall Street Journal’s 10th annual Tech Innovation Awards, Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute received the Gold award for its technology to make paper-thin computer screens with a twist. The company beat out nearly 600 entries for its top ranking, along with Silver-award-winner Zoom Focus and Bronze-winner Counsyl of Silicon Valley.

Stephen Kurtin, a California inventor who previously devised one of the first word-processing programs, turned to the problem in the early 1990s. His solution, TruFocal eyeglasses, mimic the way that the lens of the human eye stretches and contracts to adjust focus.

Each TruFocal lens is actually a set of two lenses: an outer lens, and an inner lens made of a flat glass plate attached to a flexible membrane that contains a clear, silicone-based liquid. A manual slider on the bridge of the eyeglasses adjusts the focus by changing the shape of the membrane. The outer lens can be custom made to correct other vision problems besides presbyopia, including nearsightedness and astigmatism.

Once the TruFocal lenses are adjusted, the entire field of vision is in focus, unlike bifocals and progressive lenses, which keep only a limited area in sharp focus. So a user can adjust the glasses to focus only on the book he’s reading, then look up and readjust them to focus solely on the TV across the room.

One Shape, Several Colors

There were some false starts along the way. Mr. Kurtin considered using liquid-crystal electronics to adjust the focus, but the batteries proved problematic. The first model weighed seven pounds. But after nearly 20 years of refinements, the first TruFocal glasses were introduced in 2009.

Zoom Focus Eyewear

There’s a downside for the fashion conscious: The glasses come in one shape—round—and have been compared to the spectacles worn by Harry Potter. (They are sold in several colors, though.) The circular lenses are necessary to the workings of the technology; with any other shape, the flexible membrane couldn’t keep a spherical shape when compressed.

TruFocals aren’t the only glasses with adjustable lenses. But other products are mainly designed for users in the developing world, where optometrists aren’t widely available; they are meant to be adjusted once by the user to correct the focus at a given distance and then set that way. The Zoom Focus product is aimed at wearers who want to make constant adjustments in their vision.

Next month, TruFocals will be rebranded as Superfocus glasses. The company will also change its name, to Superfocus LLC.

— Michael Totty

Our grands


It’s known far and wide that I spend WAAAAYY too much time on the computer — but hey, there’s just so much to investigate out there!!  As if spending time in my own way just surfing around isn’t enough, there is another site that I have on RSS feed called Make Use Of.  They have a daily feed for Cool Websites, Software and Internet Tips (and lots of other stuff, including giveaways) that can keep you bouncing for hours.  A very handy little website to have in your favorites.  I really love my RSS feeds — makes keeping up with blogs and other websites on a daily basis much easier.

Where was I?  Oh yeah —

So, I was on Picnik a little while ago and found “Collage” on the home page — this is what I did in just, literally, 4 clicks of my mouse.  Okay, maybe a few more, but not many !!  This was done using the fancy collage tab.    Plus, click on the photo and it enlarges for better resolution.  This is really a cool little tool.  Definitely worth a couple of skirt twirls!!

The munchkin on the left is GrandDolly #2 — just turned a year old and is already asserting her personality.

The munchkin on the right is GrandDolly #1 — just turned four and is a plethora of energy and imagination.

The munchkin in the middle is our GrandLad — he will be a year old very soon and after a slightly underweight start, has rebounded in spades!

We see the GrandDollies 4 or 5 times a week, but not nearly often enough with the GrandLad.  Luckily, his parents understand and bring him over every few weeks to give us our GrandLad fix!!

Sunday Scribblings #234 Love


I really thought that I loved him.

He had everything that I wanted from life. A mother that loved and cared for her family with wonderful meals, a clean house and a smile, and a father with an impressive career that still had time to listen. In his life, there was no chaos, no drunken fights, no being dragged out of bed in the middle of the night to fry eggs that would be promptly thrown up an hour later. I wanted his life so badly.

I wanted it so badly that I was blind to all the signals he was sending out. Why was he so angry? Why was he so angry with me all the time? Why was he always trying to control me and drive all of my friends away? And why was I letting him? Why was he punching me and knocking me down, then laughing about it, saying that he was just kidding?  Why would somebody from such a great family be doing these things? But I didn’t know better — violence and verbal abuse were what I knew so it didn’t seem so out of the ordinary.  I could change him if I loved him enough.

And I married him anyway. I was so sure that I loved him.  My mother and step father were so enthralled with him and his family.  They told all that would listen that I had been given such a gift.  And finally, they were acting like they loved me and approved of me.  I wanted to bask in that sunshine as long as I could.

So I hid it for years. Twenty of them. During those years, I learned a lot. Mostly how to keep my daughter and myself out of his way. I must have said and thought thousands of times, it’s not us, he’s the one with the problem.  But that’s a hard thing to explain to a young girl who only wants her daddy to love her.  I finally left, taking her with me, but the damage had been done.  I had wanted her to have the father that I didn’t have, but I only succeeded in giving her one that was emotionally crippled and mentally unbalanced.  Even now, she will ask me why he won’t love her the way she wants him to.  And I tell her that it’s not her, it’s him.  And try to love her enough to make up for it.

In the end, I realized that I wasn’t in love with him, I was in love with his family and the idea of what he could be, with all of the opportunities that were afforded to him, by a family that loved him.

And then a few years later, I found out what real love is made of.  It’s kindness, warmth, frequent smiles and even more frequent “I love you’s”.  It’s a message on my phone that he was thinking of me, or a flowers that he picks for no reason.  It’s kisses on my neck when I’m sewing, and cooking dinner together. It’s also baking zucchini bread without him asking me to do it, and washing the sheets and hanging them on the line so that he can smell the fresh air, and rubbing his back when he’s tired.  It’s smirking to myself when the ladies at work complain about how hard it is to keep a relationship going.

Yes, it’s definitely love this second time around.

Flap Cap for Jillie


Cute as a bug’s ear and takes practically no time to finish.  This pattern is The Little Flap Cap #109 and can be purchased here at Cabin Fever.  They have lots of patterns here, including an adult version of this one, which is a baby size.   I used Patons Shetland Chunky Tweed Medium Blue and size 7 needles.  And I actually swatched it so that I knew the gauge was correct!!!

Just a side note — if you linked through to this post hoping to find the pattern — sorry!!  This pattern costs $5.00 through Cabin Fever, so I can’t write out the instructions.  At the time I bought the pattern, there weren’t many flap cap patterns (like none!!) floating around the internet.  Since then, there have been a lot of very similar patterns listed on Ravelry, if you’d like to take a hop over there and look around.

Sunday Scribblings #232 – Clean


I thought that I would pass this prompt by — after all, “clean” can be written about on so many levels.

While I was knitting last night, and listening half halfheartedly to the TV, what I could write about came to me in an “ah ha” moment.

Elections are coming up in November. I wish with all my heart that the candidates that we will be voting for and entrusting with our government would each run a clean campaign!! I can’t believe that the campaign contributions that are given to these people are made by people that condone this kind of mud slinging behavior or delight in smear campaigns.

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