Simple Woman’s Day Book — September 4, 2010



Outside my Window …the heat has finally broken — Hurricane Earl turned out to be less than a Nor’easter around here, thankfully — but when he left the area, he took the humidity and heat with him to Canada! The neighbors in back of us have shiny pinwheels around their pool (to scare away birds, perhaps?) and the flashing keeps distracting me.

I am thinking …about all of the knitting, sewing, and crocheting projects that I have in my head and on my computer.

I am thankful for… working this weekend, so that I can have next weekend off!

From the kitchen …tomatoes everywhere — need to start eating them with a vengeance or canning them, whichever comes first!!

I am wearing … comfy clothes, barefoot

I am reading …nothing right now — just keeping up on the blogs that I visit often

I am hoping …that my second GrandDolly will start sleeping through the night soon so that Darling Daughter of mine can get some sleep.

I am hearing … a cool breeze whispering through the pine trees, crickets and kids yelling to each other in the distance.

I am creating …a twirly skirt and still more dishcloths!! My cotton yarn is almost gone, I’ll be starting put-put slippers for the girls soon.

Around the house …I let one cat in the den door, the other wants to go out the living room door — then vice versa. Crazy kitties.

One of my favorite things …sitting on the front step with a cup of coffee, watching the planes coming in to land in either Boston or Providence.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ….nothing real firm, hopefully enjoyable things.

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