Twirly Skirt Completed for GrandDolly


I tell ya, GrandDolly #1 slays me!!!

Two weekends ago, she was at my house and playing dress up with some old clothes in her room.  She had a slip on, a rather narrow one, and was trying her darnedest to twirl it.  She asked, “Mem, how come it won’t twirl?” I told her it was because it wasn’t a twirly skirt, that she had to have the right kind of skirt to twirl it.

“Oh Mem, could you PLEASE make me a twirly skirt?” with those big blue eyes. Gotta say, the girl knows how to work it!!

So how could I say no”

We got on the computer and I had saved this website awhile ago that had a tutorial for a twirly skirt  — I showed it to her and she said she “wanted one the same color as the one in the computer”.

Well, getting the exact fabric would have taken more time than I had to give, so I’m hoping that she doesn’t remember the exact skirt. This is how it turned out.

Her fourth birthday is Monday and although we already had a party for her last weekend, I’m going to wrap this up so she can open it on her real birthday. Is that cute or what? My only complaint is that the waistband came out a bit “bunched” — GrandDolly’s waist is only 18″ even when she’s had a big meal!! I think the pattern was made for a child a bit larger than my little string bean!!

The tutorial for this skirt is very easy to follow — lots of picture and detailed explanations.  Check out House on Hill Road when you have a few minutes — lots and lots of great things there!!


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