Sunday Scribblings — #231 Wait


A list of my favorite “waits”

  • My first cup of coffee in the morning dripping through the filter
  • A long awaited vacation
  • Thunderstorms ending a long hot and humid spell
  • GrandDollies being born
  • The first trip of the summer season to the beach
  • Lovely, cold water on a hot summer day
  • Sweet Baboo meeting me at the door when I’ve had a less than stellar day
  • Christmas
  • Autumn, the absolute best time of the year
  • Weekends!!
  • Sunsets

And a list of my least favorite “waits”

  • Test results
  • Uncomfortable situations that will eventually happen
  • Winter
  • Doctor visits
  • Tuesdays (I have Mondays off, so Tuesday is my Monday)
  • Standing in line — grocery store, drive through lane at McDonald’s, the bank etc.

I guess I’m fortunate that I have listed more “good” waiting than “bad” waiting!!

Drop by Sunday Scribblings and tell people what you’re waiting for!!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings — #231 Wait

  1. Hi Marcy,
    Loved the list of waits!! The first set is what I too would love to wait and the second set of waits is not exactly what I would like to wait for either, just like you.
    Nice fun post!! 🙂 Could identify myself with it…

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