Well, I think that’s enough, don’t you?


I have been on a dishcloth / facecloth marathon now for a few weeks.  It started out just making a few for Darling Daughter, then thought I would make  a few more for my sisters and mother.  I posted the tutorial for the extremely Wicked Easy Dischcloth HERE.

I still have more cotton, but I have a couple of unfinished projects that I need to get to  — like the other cover to my lounge chair cushions!!  Summer is nearly over and I still have to finish the second one!

This is what my small mountain of completed dishcloth / facecloths look like.

So, today I will be packing these up and sending them on to the relatives — I still have a skein or 2 left and intend to make a few for myself.  It seems that I give away 90% of what I make — do you think I am subconsciously  seeking approval or validation? Could be!!

At any rate, it soothes my mind to knit or crochet while the TV drones in the background.  Not exactly mindless, but it’s repetitious enough to let my mind wander around, quietly plotting my next project.  Besides the aforementioned cushion covers, I have puttputt slippers to make for the GrandDollies and Darling Daughter, hats, mittens, sweaters (yes an actual sweater — GrandDolly 1 spotted a pretty yellow soft yarn in Michaels and a free pattern hanging on the hook right next to it — the kid has an eye for four years old!!)  The yarn is yummy, smooshy and luscious and is calling my name from it’s home in the yarn basket. It’s definitely time to move on to something else.


2 thoughts on “Well, I think that’s enough, don’t you?

    • Marcy

      I’m so proud of you!!! Send me a picture!! I just finished wrapping yours up — won’t go out til Tuesday so you should have them by Thursday!! xoxox

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