Flap Cap for Jillie


Cute as a bug’s ear and takes practically no time to finish.  This pattern is The Little Flap Cap #109 and can be purchased here at Cabin Fever.  They have lots of patterns here, including an adult version of this one, which is a baby size.   I used Patons Shetland Chunky Tweed Medium Blue and size 7 needles.  And I actually swatched it so that I knew the gauge was correct!!!

Just a side note — if you linked through to this post hoping to find the pattern — sorry!!  This pattern costs $5.00 through Cabin Fever, so I can’t write out the instructions.  At the time I bought the pattern, there weren’t many flap cap patterns (like none!!) floating around the internet.  Since then, there have been a lot of very similar patterns listed on Ravelry, if you’d like to take a hop over there and look around.


4 thoughts on “Flap Cap for Jillie

  1. Glenda your Sissy

    Oh dear knitting goddess ~ is it possible to make the cap without the strings that go under the chin? Sam and Silas like the little “caps” but refuse to tie them……any suggestions?


  2. Marcy

    Hee hee, knitting goddess, I like that — sure, the ties are knitted separately and put on after anyway. Did you want to make some for them?

  3. Glenda your Sissy

    Well, I’m still working on the dish clothes but not b/c I find them difficult; I’m doing so many other things that it gets shoved to the back burner. Is there a semi-easy pattern w/o the strings and the part that goes over the ears?

    BTW – am going to do the hotel/motel inquiries this morning……………


    • Marcy

      Sorry, got a little sidetracked there — found myself hunting for the hat that Dakota Fanning wore in The Golden Compass. I’d like to make it but now sure who would wear it — not me, because I look weird in hats.

      [image: moviegc.jpg]

      Do you want to buy some yarn and send it to me and I’ll make the hats for the boys?

      Isn’t this hat just cute as hell? There’s a ridge up the back of it that I just adore, instead of the seams being turned to the inside.

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