Our grands


It’s known far and wide that I spend WAAAAYY too much time on the computer — but hey, there’s just so much to investigate out there!!  As if spending time in my own way just surfing around isn’t enough, there is another site that I have on RSS feed called Make Use Of.  They have a daily feed for Cool Websites, Software and Internet Tips (and lots of other stuff, including giveaways) that can keep you bouncing for hours.  A very handy little website to have in your favorites.  I really love my RSS feeds — makes keeping up with blogs and other websites on a daily basis much easier.

Where was I?  Oh yeah —

So, I was on Picnik a little while ago and found “Collage” on the home page — this is what I did in just, literally, 4 clicks of my mouse.  Okay, maybe a few more, but not many !!  This was done using the fancy collage tab.    Plus, click on the photo and it enlarges for better resolution.  This is really a cool little tool.  Definitely worth a couple of skirt twirls!!

The munchkin on the left is GrandDolly #2 — just turned a year old and is already asserting her personality.

The munchkin on the right is GrandDolly #1 — just turned four and is a plethora of energy and imagination.

The munchkin in the middle is our GrandLad — he will be a year old very soon and after a slightly underweight start, has rebounded in spades!

We see the GrandDollies 4 or 5 times a week, but not nearly often enough with the GrandLad.  Luckily, his parents understand and bring him over every few weeks to give us our GrandLad fix!!


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