Just wondering……


…..why if an adult is harassed or bullied (sexually or otherwise) at work, it’s perfectly acceptable to bring charges against the culprits, but if you are a kid in school, the adults “want to have a dialogue with all concerned to work things out”?

…..why there aren’t more moms (and dads) out there like Tyler Wilson’s that will take a stand against cowardly bullies and demand that something be done about this behavior?  You go Tyler’s Mom!!! Three skirt flips for you and Tyler!!

…..why some (not all) educators can’t get it through their thick heads that children that are bullied do not have a safe place in which to be educated — and isn’t that a child’s right?

This was heartbreaking to watch, chiefly because I was bullied in school, as was my daughter, but I applaud Tyler’s grit.  I hope that those idiots that tried to break his spirit (but had to settle for his arm!!) and would not accept him and his choices get every lousy thing that’s owed to them.  JMHO

Click to watch video Tyler Wilson on Good Morning America


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