Update on Jillie’s Flap Hat and double thickness pot holders


Darling Daughter visited last night with GrandDolly #2 and brought the flap hat with her.  She had tried to take pictures of Jillie wearing it, but it’s impossible to get a one year old to hold still for a millisecond, let alone long enough to take the picture.  So, it’s not the greatest picture but I’m very pleased with how well it fits her.  Getting her to keep it on may be a challenge.  This is Darling Daughter wrangling her little one.

I posted a few nights ago about this hat, the pattern and where it’s available.  It’s not a freebie so if you’d like one, you’ll have to bite the bullet and pay for it.  The post is here.

Her hat is hardly noticeable, but wow what great eyes…..

My sister had asked me if I could find her a pattern for double thickness  pot holders — which I did find and sent to her promptly — but then I decided that I needed to make a few for myself.  I had to take the pictures separately because two of them are so dark and the other two so light.  As I look at the images, the crocheting seems a bit rough to me.  I had and “ah ha” moment tonight that resolved  the issue I was having of seaming the pot holder after I finished it.  I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to take a shot or two and show what I did.  For now, these were my first four attempts.

If you look at the seam in the  pot holder that is on its point above, you can see the holes that were made when I started crocheting on the back side of the foundation chain.  I was able to eliminate that and make the whole  pot holder prettier.


4 thoughts on “Update on Jillie’s Flap Hat and double thickness pot holders

  1. I have been looking for this pattern for 5 yrs-its for a pot holder 1000×749 on this page I have tried to look at it and make it but can’t Could you send me this pattern

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