And then life smacks me up side the head —- with a shovel!!!


Y’know how cranky you can get when it’s two in the morning and you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a week?  Well…….

A little lady came into work today to make an appointment.  She could only give us her insurance ID numbers, because she didn’t have her insurance card and wasn’t able to get it because she has a restraining order against her husband.  She is essentially hiding out from him, because her address is the other side of the state, although she gave us an address from our part of the state that she said was safe. I sincerely hope that it is.  There were still bruises on her face and a cut on her upper lip.  And she was limping.  I shudder to think of what the rest of her looked like. Her glasses were of course a casualty of his latest drunken or drug induced rage.

This little lady weighed maybe 110 pounds.  Just the fact that she was able to extricate herself from an intolerable situation shows her strength and courage.  He, on the other hand, needs to have a particular part of his anatomy nailed to a barn floor with a rusty nail, and then handed a rusty spoon.  Then drop a match on the floor. He’ll have a choice to make.  Nuff said.

And I was complaining about a little Sweet Baboo clutter.   😦  Shame on me.

Moral of the story — don’t blog when you’re overtired, it will surely come back and bite you on the ass.


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