OK, this I can fix, I think……




I have hypertension.  I like to think it sounds much more pleasant than high blood pressure.  I also take antihypertensive medications, because it’s hard for me to say high blood pressure pills. Also more pleasant, don’t you think?

Doctor’s appointment a couple of weeks ago.  He had warned me six months prior that if my cholesterol was still high, he would put me on something to lower it.  Of course, it was higher this time than six months ago — 259.

During the past six months, I was haphazardly exercising, eating right, getting enough sleep (or as much as menopause decides I should get) strictly head in the sand stuff.  Somewhere in my head, I think I’m still 30.  Also somewhere in my head, I think I’m thinner than I actually am.

I have been walking at least a mile every day, rain/shine/cold be damned.  I have been keeping track of what I eat and how much of it in my nutrition tracker over at Sparkpeople.  I have been keeping track of my mileage on my fitness tracker.  Sleep, well, whatever I can get I’m happy with these days.

And what happened that stuck a fire under my butt?  Two markers for diabetes were elevated in my blood work results..  Not diabetic, or even pre-diabetic, just elevated.  But my word, that just scared the bejesus out of me.

I’m trying to stay away from the scale.  I know in my head that it doesn’t give me the whole picture, but we’re such a number oriented society.  So I take a peek now and then — and proceed to berate myself because I haven’t lost 5 pounds yet.   Or one even.

But my pants are starting to fit better.  When I stand up and look down, I can’t see my stomach anymore.  My double chin is not as pronounced.  My arms aren’t poking out slightly from my body anymore.  And I don’t huff and puff walking up the hill to my house. These are the markers that I need to pay attention to. Or should I say markers to which I must pay attention?

I’m going back the first of March for more blood work.  I think if the results are better, I will know that I’m doing well, even if the scale says otherwise.  Oh crap, see?  I forgot to stay away from the scale already!! Stay tuned, film at 11.


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