Yup, new obsession…..


The last few months, I haven’t been terribly interested in the crafties that I always enjoyed doing — sewing, crocheting, knitting.  Possibly I’m burned out on the textile arts. At any rate, I stumbled across a couple of websites and found something that really caught my eye — art journaling or more accurately in my case, junk journaling.  I started playing with this back in March, bought a composition notebook, glued sheets together to make strong substrates, gessoed the daylights out the sheets, bought paint and paper and glue and tape and stencils……..  Have I ever said that when I make up my mind to do something, I’m in it up to my neck?

I’ve played with different techniques, studied other journals on the web (note to self and anybody else that’s just starting, don’t beat yourself up because your pages don’t look like theirs, they’ve had more practice) tried and tossed different things looking for the one thing that really got me burning.  Point of fact, I am not a painter by any stretch.  I also don’t really have any interest in perfecting my hand writing to write beautiful sentiments on my pages.  I hear/read a lot about “going outside the box” and “stretching your creativity”.  Both are wonderful ideas, but first I think that you have to find what it is that you really love doing IN the box, THEN go outside the box.

I was actually going to toss the whole thing onto eBay and sell all of my supplies except for my collage stuff, because I really enjoy ripping and cutting paper and then glueing it down.  It’s difficult to teach yourself something like this from scratch and I have nobody in my area that has art journaling workshops or such.  It was a bit disheartening, and I don’t give up easily.  Then, I looked at my sewing machine — looked at the strips of scrapbook and found papers that I had been playing with and BINGO!!!  I started ripping and gluing and sewing, having finally found my burn!!!

And I have to say, there aren’t a whole lot of websites out there where the artists are sewing paper strips into their journals.I thought I’d toss this out and hopefully, if somebody else is wondering about the same kind of thing, they will find this.

This was the first one that I did.  Not knowing any better, I tried sewing the strips of paper right onto the notebook page.  Extremely hard to get every edge down, because of pressure foot constraints.  Also, the paper tends to slide and buckle.    The papers that I used on this page were bits and pieces that I had on hand, and the likeness of Hemingway’s “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” was from a pamphlet that I found at work for a new line of eyeglass frames called Hemingway. The map papers appealed to me and  I played with zig zag and straight stitches, just turning it every which way.

And this was my second page.  Still trying to sew directly to the page in the book, pages still buckling and sliding.  I used another page from the Hemingway pamphlet, more found papers, a bit of fabric and a slice of paper towel that had I had wiped my paintbrush on.  Still trying to find my way on this one, but OMG it was feeling so GOOD!!!!

I have more pages that I can’t wait to post, but I do go on and on, so I’ll stop now and get more on soon. Also, please excuse the photos, new camera and still not used to it!!!


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