Hiking in Acadia National Park — Part 1


Having camped together for some time, Sweet Baboo and I have fallen into a very comfortable routine.  I get up first and put the coffee on our little stove (after several mentions from him about how wonderful my coffee is and how his just can never compare, yada yada yada!) He gets up a little bit  later while I’m drinking my coffee and planning our itinerary for the day.  After a leisurely breakfast that he prepares, (his breakfasts are so wonderful and mine just can never compare, yada yada yada!! ) we wait a bit longer until everybody in the park has risen, eaten, and piled into their cars or onto their bikes and have left the campground.   We can then mosey on up to the bathrooms to get ready for the day in relative peace.

Hiking is our preferred activity in Acadia, having tried biking the carriage roads our first year and finding that riding up hills and down dales is not a safe for us at our ages. We decided to hike/walk Tarn Trail, also known as the Kane path.

We parked our car just off Rt 3 in a parking lot just south of the Sieur de Monts springs entrance.  Out of the parking lot, and a short walk to the south and we were at the north end of  The Tarn (which is a mountain pond or lake, carved out by a glacier thousands of years ago).  This  not a difficult hike and enjoyable — you start out skirting the tarn, then move into the forest, then there is some scrambling to be done over large boulders that have cleaved off Dorr Mountain.

We continued past the Ladder Trail and part way up the Gorge Trail, then returned to the parking lot after a hike of about 2 miles or so. By that time, the pretty blue sky had clouded over and rain was threatening.

Pretty purple bog flowers in the Tarn


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