Hiking in Acadia National Park – Part II


The second day of our vacation, we had a wicked thunderstorm in the early morning and the day did not improve weather-wise, so we decided to just roll with it and spent the day in Bar Harbor, touristing.  We hit Shermans Book Store and Cool as a Moose, had lunch at one of our favorite little restaurants West St. Cafe Seaside Grille.  We sat outside on their little patio, watching the locals go by on their way to work.  Great food and great service, which is usually the case no matter where you go in Bar Harbor.

Finally on the third day, the sun came out, reminding us of why we like coming to Maine!!!  After our usual morning routine, we headed toward the Sieur de Monts entrance to the park so that we could do the Great Meadow Loop.  The Great Meadow Loop was a walk that I had wanted to do because you could walk the Jesup path starting at Sieur de Monts and step off the path at the athletic fields in Bar Harbor, walk around town, have lunch and then get back on the path and walk to back to Sieur de Monts.  The Great Meadow Loop was originally made so that “rusticators” (late 19th and early 20th century name for vacationers from big cities that went to Maine to get back to nature) would be able to walk from town into the park and back again. We were having such a good time on the path that I forgot to take pictures of a few things, so I added some photos that we had taken last year to the mix.  The pics aren’t in any particular order.

We parked at the nature center and after looking around a bit we crossed a wooden bridge just to the left of the Wild Gardens of Acadia started up the Jesup Path. You walk from forest to wetlands to meadow to forest….. you get the idea.

I love this picture of the boardwalk.  We had walked it last year and I wanted to try to estimate just how long it is, because it does seem to go on forever.  It’s in a boggy area of white birch trees and as you can see, it’s fairly new.  There are 2 or three turnouts like the one in this picture,  and a couple have seats so that you can just sit quietly and watch for wildlife.  We only saw a frog.  It must have been lunchtime for the animals. 😉

Yup, we’re going the right way….. I love all of the hand carved signs. At least I think they’re hand carved!!

Ed pretending that he’s going to climb Dorr Mountain. =)

The walk was great and and the weather was fabulous — we were able to follow the signs past a cemetery and the golf course, alongside Cromwell Harbor Road, then another cemetery, then past another golf course…… or was it the same one? Then we found ourselves back at Hemlock Trail and knew that we had missed the athletic fields in Bar Harbor!  We were back where we started! Oh well, we’ll just drive into town!!

Photos of Stewman's Downtown Lobster Pound, Bar Harbor
This photo of Stewman’s Downtown Lobster Pound is courtesy of TripAdvisor

We ate at Stewman’s Lobster Pound, a restaurant that is right on the pier with a gorgeous view of the harbor.  It’s the kind of place that you just know from the look of it, it’s going to have really great food!!  We sat on the upper deck where it was sunny and very breezy.  Umbrellas weren’t an option unfortunately, because it was so windy. Our waiter was friendly but not overly so, and very knowledgeable about all of the specials.  Oh and BTW —  Stewman’s is where the Obamas ate when they were in town a couple years ago!!

A view from Stewmans upper deck

Of course, Ed enjoyed his lobster and beer immensely.  I had fish and chips, my staple when we go to a seafood restaurant.  I’m just a landlubber at heart — I’ve tried shrimp and lobster and clams and scallops, but I think I started eating seafood too late in life to acquire a taste for it!!


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