She Left Beauty Wherever She Went…….


I have to say, the internet is a wonderful place for art journal inspiration.  Then being able to “pin” your finds to your Pinterest boards is the icing on the cake.

There’s a quote that I found that says:

Now, I’m not sure about the artist part.  My darling sister calls me artsy fartsy.  I tell her that I can figure out how things go together and that I can follow a pattern or tutorial.  I think that’s more creative that artisty. But collector, yeah that’s definitely me. You should see my yarn and fabric collection.  Not on the level of hoarding, but still impressive.

Then I found another quote that says:

And if this is so, then I guess I am an artist.  Goodness knows, I’m not the wildly self-confident type!!!

So anyway, I have a collection of ideas that I found and pinned.   I have been trying and tossing a lot of different ideas on this little creative journey, and these are just a few that appeal to me right now. If you look closely at my Art Journal Ideas board on Pinterest, you can find examples of a lot of what I’ve done on this spread.

According to Austen Kleon, author of  Steal Like An Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative, it’s not stealing if you take ideas from a variety of artists.  That’s been a fear of mine, being accused of copying.  But I don’t think adopting elements from several different artists rather than plagiarizing a complete art journal image is quite the same thing.  I would hate to think that anything put out there is to be seen and not “shared”.

So this is a representation of different elements and techniques that make me happy at this moment.


Yup, happy happy happy!!!


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