Getting easier……



So although it hasn’t been quite a year ( March actually) but since it is the last day of this year, I thought this might be appropriate.

I have seen this quote at different times of my life and didn’t really think too deeply on what it meant.  When I look back now at when I started “playing”  (shorthand for I’m going under for an hour or so, don’t bother me) in my art journal back in March I’m actually impressed with how far I’ve come.

stars in hand

When I first started, I was sabotaging myself by telling myself the usual negative things that can run through your head when you start something new.  I was terrified that if I borrowed an idea from somebody’s art journal page, the art journal police would crash through my door and arrest me.


I’m into my fourth journal and I am pleased that the last 8 or ten pages have been pretty much all from my own head.  I still spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking at different techniques, layering ideas, new paints, inks, etc. But I’ve been able to come up with my own stuff and my own style.  I’m happy with my progress and the self-confidence boost that I’ve gotten from it.  Getting the hang of taking decent photographs would also be a plus, but I can live with this.

Dec312012 025

And I’m especially happy that I had started a year ago.