Just paint it !!!


Sweet Baboo and I have been kind of going around about our kitchen sink.  It needs to be replaced.


Some background.  We did a complete rehab on our kitchen something like 7 years ago.  Baboo had his eye on a composite kitchen sink.  Composite = $69 instead of the $350 sink that I wanted.  Frugal has never been my strong suit, and what I know about sinks could fit in a thimble.  I just let him go with it.

It wasn’t long after we installed said composite sink that I noticed a couple of hairline cracks.  Nothing severe, just visible if you got your face down about 3 inches from them.

Hairline cracks multiplied.  Stains started appearing and nothing would touch them.  Except for toilet bowl cleaner.  Which of course took the finish off the sink and made it worse, although it would be a bit whiter for awhile. The sink strainer and rim were losing their silver color.  I knew it was just a matter of time before my $350 sink would be sitting in the middle of the kitchen waiting to be installed by Sweet Baboo and darling son in law, who is 75% plumber.

I have now been mentioning monthly that we need to get a new sink.  And monthly I have been given assorted excuses.

We’ll do it this winter.

We’ll do it this summer.

We’ll do it this spring.

We’ll do it after we get back from our camping trip.

We’ll do it after (insert favorite holiday here)


Somewhat fed up, I somewhat kiddingly told him that if I couldn’t get a new sink, then we should just paint the blasted thing because I couldn’t stand looking at it anymore.


I now have a painted kitchen sink.

Honest, I can’t even make this stuff up.