Winter tipping point…..


Today was/is one of my favorite days of the year — that’s so far as a day in February can be a favorite.  When I went out to get in my car at 7am, the air felt a little different, a little more inviting.  It even smelled and felt better, the cold air wasn’t freezing the inside of my nose.  And best of all, I could hear tweety birds calling to each other — not necessarily spring tweety birds, but they were much more active than they have been all winter.

To me that is the first day that winter starts to think about being spring.  The warmth isn’t there yet, but it’s even better because you know that it’s on its way, even though it’s still chilly.  A winter tipping point, winter starting to tip over into spring.  Noticing those first signs has always been exciting to me.  I like seeing the small changes that I know will escalate into that full blown warm spring day.

But for right now, it’s just starting to think about it…..