A very easy way to lose weight…..IMHO


Yup, this is essentially my new way of eating.  Notice I said “new way of eating” instead of my new diet.  Because let’s face it, if you’re going to lose weight, you need to change your life, and I started with food.

I needed to find out what works for me.  And after trying Atkins, Weight Watchers, Low Fat, and any number of other ways to eat in hopes of losing weight, I was cruising for something that made sense to me.  I found a website that listed a shopping list food guide for low glycemic foods.  Hmmmmm….


So I’ve been eating foods only from that list. If you click on the url, you’ll see that it’s a quite extensive list.  The foods that are missing are foods that have been processed, or altered in any way.  Like bread — sugar — chips — cookies — soda — all gone from my house except for my coffee in the morning.  Two sugars and cream.  There are some things you just can’t forgo, y’know?


Okay, getting off the track here. Think about it. A hundred years ago,  there wasn’t any processed anything.  Meals were made from scratch with fresh foods and people didn’t have the weight and health issues that we have now.  It’s so simple.

I’ve lost eleven pounds in about six weeks or so.  Without a whole lot of exercising I might add.  Without being hungry. An added extra — I’m not as “brain foggy” as I was a few months ago.   This is what works for me.  I think it would actually work for a lot of people.  You just have to finally convince yourself that there is no magic pill or magic diet that you can ingest that will melt the pounds off you.  I finally got through to myself on that fact.


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