Waiting game…..


I have eagerly been looking forward to March 10th this year. Besides the fact that February is FINALLY over,  a few friends and I are running (yeah, no make that walking!!!!) a 5k race here in called the O’Putnam 5K (to tie in with St. Patrick’s Day) with the proceeds going to our local high school activity fund.  It’s a loop course that travels along several streets and roads in our town.

All registered — tee shirt paid and ordered —  plans made where and when to meet –what to do after — and blast it all, it snows!!!!!!!  I’m talking a FOOT of this crappy stuff!!!  It had all stinkin’ winter to snow and it waits until two days before the O’Putnam 5K race!

My question now, is whether they will postpone the race, and I haven’t been able to find anything telling me that will be the case.

Cuz here’s the thing — and thinking of this made me realize that I AM getting older — it’s going to be dangerous running and walking with snow banks that haven’t been pushed back yet, and traffic will be sharing the road with us.  And as in all states that get snow, there are  idiots on the highways that don’t know enough to slow down to a safe speed while talking on their cell phones because they’re UBER important and have to be available day and night and drinking their coffee and smoking their cigarettes and —–  yeah, I get a little “soap boxy” sometimes!

So I’m waiting for The Word — and if it’s not The Word that I’m hoping for, I’m thinking about Plan B, which would be not walking at all, and that would be a shame  as referenced in paragraph 2 above.  But Plan A could be potentially dangerous, especially for ladies like me that have achieved “a certain age”……….






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