A story of a detox smoothie…..


A couple of the ladies that I work with have been drinking detox smoothies, and the base ingredient of these smoothies is kale.  I found a smoothie recipe on Pinterest with ingredients that I thought I could live with. I picked up some kale and a couple of other items for it at the grocery store.

I had a premonition when I reached for the kale and the automatic mister came on and soaked my head.  Moving on…


So kale looks like this:

But I can attest that it tastes like grass!!


Wow, it is SOOOO incredibly green!!  And it really is this color after you’re done making it.

Thanks to the pineapple and coconut milk, it stepped over the line from OMG this is the worst thing I have ever drank to OK it’s not fabulous but it’s not a plug your nose and chug it down kind of drink either.   The aftertaste leaves a bit to be desired.

All in all, it’s borderline palatable and SOOOOO filling!!!  I think having one of these around 8:00 or so would fill me up so that I don’t snack.  After all, not all nutritious and healthy food tastes heavenly!

I think the next time I make it, I’m going to add half of a banana and a table-spoon of chia seeds. Anything to kill the taste of the kale further. And I’m also going to make it half as big as the one that I had tonight.

Now all I need is a chaser after I drink it…..maybe tequila.  I wonder what wine goes good with kale?




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