Aaargh, crumb season!!!!


New Hampshire has black fly season, Vermont has mud season, California has wildfire season.

Here in Connecticut, we have crumb season.005AA

That’s right. Twice a year, just a couple of weeks before and after the spring and autumn equinoxes, the light from the south shines at a very unique angle.  In some ways, I look forward to it, because it shines in and lights up areas that only are hit by the sun in spring and fall. In that way, I know that spring and/or autumn is on the way.


The light from the south also shines at such an angle that EVERY bit and crumb that doesn’t get swept/vacuumed/wiped up shows on any horizontal service, usually in high enough relief to throw a shadow!!!!

And great leapin’ fragglerockers, it drives me right over the edge!!

I spend an inordinate amount of time wiping, bending down to check for crumbs, wiping, bending down to check for crumbs, etc.  Let me repeat that word — inordinate!!!!

Sometimes, out of total frustration, I use the vacuum cleaner.  Is that gross?  I guess it is, if I have to ask.

Sometimes I just wipe the whole counter/table/stove down and sweep the floor after.

Also gross?  Don’t care!

Thanks to this bi-yearly phenomenon, at a time when I should be cheering the light that is heralding spring, I’m longing for night so that I can turn on soft lighting that won’t show the rage inducing particles.

I am normally so able to let many things just go that would drive other people to distraction — but this just pokes at me like a rock in my shoe.

Thankfully, it’s only twice a year.  It’s like having your teeth cleaned, and easily as much fun!