About Me


Born and raised in a small town on the Canadian border in Northern New York, I have lived in Connecticut for 30+ years. I am happily co-habitating with My Sweet Baboo, a wonderful man that I was lucky enough to find later in life. My interests include knitting, quilting, baking, reading, crocheting, sewing , buying fabric and yarn for which I have absolutely no use (but I firmly believe that I will eventually) and spoiling our three grands. I have also been known to spend a Saturday morning going to yard sales, and then selling the results of my yard sale purchases on ebay.  We are anxiously looking forward to retirement.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I found you on InlandEmpireGirls’ site and I’m pretty sure we would be best friends, since knitters and bakers are really the best of the best. Thanks for keeping the arts alive, especially the buying of excess fabric-and yarn-and all that fun yard sale-ing.
    Lovely blog.

    • Marcy

      It came with a set of blocks a a strap from a place called Ocean State Job Lot — I’m not sure what part of the country you are from, but I am in New England and there are lots of these stores in my area. Possibly Big Lots would have something similar, as they are similar to Ocean State.

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