My 2/3 Done Scarf


2/3 of my scarf

This is a scarf that I started for myself about 3 months ago and refuses to be completed. I keep putting it down and starting other little knitting projects for other family members. It has been hanging around long enough and needs to be finished, so I am determined that I get it finished before I go back to work on Tuesday. The yarn that I am using is Taos by Crystal Palace in color #10 (SOOOO pretty and soft), and using size 9 needles. It’s about 3 feet long now and I have one more ball to go, so it looks like it will be 54″ or so long when complete. The pattern is a simple k1, *p2, k2* across, k1 turn and then k1, *k2, p2* across, k1. If you like the pattern, click here