More Malabrigo love


I just finished my own pair of 3 X 1 socks in Malabrigo and they are every bit as comfortable as Sweet Baboo said they were.  This yarn is truly fabulous.  It knits like a dream and is so, so soft and smooth.

First sock -- a little over half done.

Yummy yummy yummy!!!

One down and 2/3 done with the second -- but starting to get a bit nervous. Not a lot of yarn left at this point!!


A really close finish!!

By the time that I got to the toe, I was checking and re checking my yardage (or should I say footage!) hoping that I had enough to finish.  That little loop of yarn in the upper right corner is just about one yard of yarn.  I had another ball, but I really wanted to keep that one for something else and now I can!






Ed’s Perfect Fit Socks


Not long ago, having hit a knitting brick wall, and not knowing what I wanted to do next,  I told my sister to send me measurements for her husband’s foot so that I could make a pair of socks for him.  He’s big on outdoorsy stuff, bow hunts, makes maple syrup, farms, etc.  A pair of wool socks would be a good choice.  However, sister hasn’t sent me the measurements yet — have you sister? 😉

Anyway, after some thought I decided Sweet Baboo could use a pair.  Off to Woolworks, found some fabulous yum yum yarn called Malabrigo which is pure Merino wool and superwash to boot.  I knit socks with two circular needles rather than 3 or 4 or 5 or whatever is needed for double points.  What’s nice about that is that you can stretch the sock in progress over the foot of the intended recipient.  I must have asked him to try the first one on 43 times.  Good natured as he is, there was no complaint.  He’s been down this road before and knows what he’ll get at the end.

There is nothing like being able to measure and re-measure a foot during knitting.  The fit is fabulous and if there’s any tightness or looseness anywhere,  it’s not a hardship to frog a few rows back and knit it correctly, rather than finding out at the end that there’s a problem.  These are like a second skin for him, plus the yarn is so smooth and itch-free. The colors aren’t even close, but he’s happy!

This pattern is a mishmash of several that I have, but mostly starts with Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles by Cat Bordhi.  Love her pattern, just kind of improved on it for these socks.  Plans are to add the pattern here.

Some people drink, I knit…..


Pretty yarn,  isn’t it?  Thursday was a day from hell.  This is my version of a middle of the week margarita.  After feeling like I had been beaten up at work,  I had stopped at my LYS, Woolworks on my way home on Thursday and picked up a couple hanks of Malabrigo Rios.  Believe it or not, they are from the same dye lot (sort of)  but Jen & I unwound all the hanks and chose two that were somewhat close, without any lime highlights.  Aesthetically, I’m really the only one that cares about how close the shades are. This will be socks for Sweet Baboo, and he wouldn’t care if one sock was blue and one was orange.

Next was picking a pattern that would be different from the one that I’ve been making socks from for a couple of years now.  I love the pattern from Cat Bordhi (Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles, the very first pattern in the book, just a basic crew sock) but I thought I’d look for something else.  Well, that something else turned into a huge search (incredible how many patterns there are out there) but I didn’t want anything too complicated.  Then I found this pattern Quick Knit Socks and it was a free pattern — two of my very favorite things!!  Check out Chris’ site, Chris Knits in Niagara — lots of really cool knitting patterns.

Anyway —  I don’t do dpn’s, so I’ll do a little shuck and jive with the pattern so that I can use my two circular needles.  Nothing like creating something to clear out the cobwebs and drive away the poor little me’s!!!

Another pair of socks . . . .


. . . . . for Sweet Baboo this time.  I’ve been making quite a few things (and giving most of them away) and he was starting to feel left out.  Can’t have that, now, can we?  socks

He was so happy when I finished them this past weekend.  I think that it took about 10 days to knit them, start to finish.  Look how excited he was!!


(Hee, hee)

Spring-Like Dawn Sockie Update (Sigh)


This yarn has made me into a frogging fool.

My first attempt resulted in a sock with ladders (small ones, but ladders just the same) at the junction of the circular needles. Ripped it down to just past the ladders and started again. Mood is still happy. Wouldn’t do to have socks with flaws like that.

lovebird close up

Second restart — had maybe 4 rows done on gusset, tried it on and realized that my gauge was off — way off. Ripped it back to the cuff. Mood is on the fence — love the yarn but afraid I won’t be able to see well enough switching to size 1’s.

Third try — bit the bullet and changed to size 1 needles. Almost to the heel and noticed that I had dropped a stitch WAY the heck down the leg. Rats and curses. No way was I going after that with a crochet hook.  Wasn’t happy with a couple of small blemishes either that probably could have been blocked out anyway. Mood has crashed. Chocolate ice cream is not far off.

Today’s version — using size 1 needles. Paying extreme attention to needles and checking every row for dropped stitches. No ladders that I am noticing. Haven’t reached the heel flap yet, but seemed okay around the leg when I tried it on. So far, so good. Mood is optimistic.

If I didn’t love this yarn and colorway so much, this could become unpleasant. Back to the sticks. Film at 11.

Spring-Like Dawn Sockies for Me, Act II


I’m having a very hard time getting anything done in my house. All I can think about is this sock!! The colors are just knocking me out (Seacoast Handpainted Yarns, colorway Lovebird) and I love the diagonal striping. I’ve finished a little more than what this picture shows. And yes, I have actually done a little housework. The yarn is so fine (I think the term is fingering) that I had to pull out my craft eyeglasses with the flat top bifocal — my progressives just weren’t sharp enough. Ah, the trial and tribulations of getting to “that certain age”. Many thanks to a lady at our knitting night at my LYS, Woolworks a couple of weeks ago. She pointed out toknitting smiley me that I was holding my needles in a death grip, and that no matter how tightly I held my needles, I wouldn’t get my project done any sooner. So she gave me a couple of pointers on how to loosen up and enjoy it a little more. Can I tell you how much better my thumbs feel? I am proud to say that I am no longer a “Black Diamond” knitter!!

Sockies for me, Act I


I have been bemoaning the fact to anyone that will listen that I haven’t knitted anything for myself yet, while making all kinds of items for family members. There were 2 scarfs that I made that I had intended to keep, but as soon as my neck started to get warm, it started itching like crazy, so they were passed on to Darling Daughter. Can I tell you how sad for me she was that I wouldn’t be able to wear them?

smiley not

Moving on — I decided that socks in luscious Spring like colors would be great for me (andlol smiley will look SOOOOO nice with my black dress slacks that I wear to work, wink, wink, nudge, nudge) — periwinkle, peach, lavender, mint green — and very unlike me, I ordered the yarn on line at a lovely little place called The Loopy Ewe. And from which I will definitely order from again, because I am a sucker for anyplace that sends me any kind of freebie. All it took was a piece of cardboard to keep track of DPN’s, which I don’t even use anymore, and I was a goner. Just look at the colors of this yarn. Positively yummy. My mouth doth water. It’s Seacoast HandpaintedYarn Superwash in color Lovebird. You can check it out here.

Seacoast Handpainted Superwash Lovebird

So — since this yarn is a little pricier than I usually use (but after all, I am worth it, eh?) I am being a good little knitter this time and swatching to make sure my gauge is correct. The yarn is just about fingering weight, very thin and size one needles. Well, size one for the cuff, then size two for the rest. For sure I don’t want to get part of a sock done, realize the size is wrong and then have to frog it all out again and possibly ruin the yarn in the process. That would certainly make for a very bad day. More later. Swatching awaits.