A very easy way to lose weight…..IMHO


Yup, this is essentially my new way of eating.  Notice I said “new way of eating” instead of my new diet.  Because let’s face it, if you’re going to lose weight, you need to change your life, and I started with food.

I needed to find out what works for me.  And after trying Atkins, Weight Watchers, Low Fat, and any number of other ways to eat in hopes of losing weight, I was cruising for something that made sense to me.  I found a website that listed a shopping list food guide for low glycemic foods.  Hmmmmm….


So I’ve been eating foods only from that list. If you click on the url, you’ll see that it’s a quite extensive list.  The foods that are missing are foods that have been processed, or altered in any way.  Like bread — sugar — chips — cookies — soda — all gone from my house except for my coffee in the morning.  Two sugars and cream.  There are some things you just can’t forgo, y’know?


Okay, getting off the track here. Think about it. A hundred years ago,  there wasn’t any processed anything.  Meals were made from scratch with fresh foods and people didn’t have the weight and health issues that we have now.  It’s so simple.

I’ve lost eleven pounds in about six weeks or so.  Without a whole lot of exercising I might add.  Without being hungry. An added extra — I’m not as “brain foggy” as I was a few months ago.   This is what works for me.  I think it would actually work for a lot of people.  You just have to finally convince yourself that there is no magic pill or magic diet that you can ingest that will melt the pounds off you.  I finally got through to myself on that fact.


Winter tipping point…..


Today was/is one of my favorite days of the year — that’s so far as a day in February can be a favorite.  When I went out to get in my car at 7am, the air felt a little different, a little more inviting.  It even smelled and felt better, the cold air wasn’t freezing the inside of my nose.  And best of all, I could hear tweety birds calling to each other — not necessarily spring tweety birds, but they were much more active than they have been all winter.

To me that is the first day that winter starts to think about being spring.  The warmth isn’t there yet, but it’s even better because you know that it’s on its way, even though it’s still chilly.  A winter tipping point, winter starting to tip over into spring.  Noticing those first signs has always been exciting to me.  I like seeing the small changes that I know will escalate into that full blown warm spring day.

But for right now, it’s just starting to think about it…..


Just paint it !!!


Sweet Baboo and I have been kind of going around about our kitchen sink.  It needs to be replaced.


Some background.  We did a complete rehab on our kitchen something like 7 years ago.  Baboo had his eye on a composite kitchen sink.  Composite = $69 instead of the $350 sink that I wanted.  Frugal has never been my strong suit, and what I know about sinks could fit in a thimble.  I just let him go with it.

It wasn’t long after we installed said composite sink that I noticed a couple of hairline cracks.  Nothing severe, just visible if you got your face down about 3 inches from them.

Hairline cracks multiplied.  Stains started appearing and nothing would touch them.  Except for toilet bowl cleaner.  Which of course took the finish off the sink and made it worse, although it would be a bit whiter for awhile. The sink strainer and rim were losing their silver color.  I knew it was just a matter of time before my $350 sink would be sitting in the middle of the kitchen waiting to be installed by Sweet Baboo and darling son in law, who is 75% plumber.

I have now been mentioning monthly that we need to get a new sink.  And monthly I have been given assorted excuses.

We’ll do it this winter.

We’ll do it this summer.

We’ll do it this spring.

We’ll do it after we get back from our camping trip.

We’ll do it after (insert favorite holiday here)


Somewhat fed up, I somewhat kiddingly told him that if I couldn’t get a new sink, then we should just paint the blasted thing because I couldn’t stand looking at it anymore.


I now have a painted kitchen sink.

Honest, I can’t even make this stuff up.


Getting easier……



So although it hasn’t been quite a year ( March actually) but since it is the last day of this year, I thought this might be appropriate.

I have seen this quote at different times of my life and didn’t really think too deeply on what it meant.  When I look back now at when I started “playing”  (shorthand for I’m going under for an hour or so, don’t bother me) in my art journal back in March I’m actually impressed with how far I’ve come.

stars in hand

When I first started, I was sabotaging myself by telling myself the usual negative things that can run through your head when you start something new.  I was terrified that if I borrowed an idea from somebody’s art journal page, the art journal police would crash through my door and arrest me.


I’m into my fourth journal and I am pleased that the last 8 or ten pages have been pretty much all from my own head.  I still spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking at different techniques, layering ideas, new paints, inks, etc. But I’ve been able to come up with my own stuff and my own style.  I’m happy with my progress and the self-confidence boost that I’ve gotten from it.  Getting the hang of taking decent photographs would also be a plus, but I can live with this.

Dec312012 025

And I’m especially happy that I had started a year ago.


She Left Beauty Wherever She Went…….


I have to say, the internet is a wonderful place for art journal inspiration.  Then being able to “pin” your finds to your Pinterest boards is the icing on the cake.

There’s a quote that I found that says:

Now, I’m not sure about the artist part.  My darling sister calls me artsy fartsy.  I tell her that I can figure out how things go together and that I can follow a pattern or tutorial.  I think that’s more creative that artisty. But collector, yeah that’s definitely me. You should see my yarn and fabric collection.  Not on the level of hoarding, but still impressive.

Then I found another quote that says:

And if this is so, then I guess I am an artist.  Goodness knows, I’m not the wildly self-confident type!!!

So anyway, I have a collection of ideas that I found and pinned.   I have been trying and tossing a lot of different ideas on this little creative journey, and these are just a few that appeal to me right now. If you look closely at my Art Journal Ideas board on Pinterest, you can find examples of a lot of what I’ve done on this spread.

According to Austen Kleon, author of  Steal Like An Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative, it’s not stealing if you take ideas from a variety of artists.  That’s been a fear of mine, being accused of copying.  But I don’t think adopting elements from several different artists rather than plagiarizing a complete art journal image is quite the same thing.  I would hate to think that anything put out there is to be seen and not “shared”.

So this is a representation of different elements and techniques that make me happy at this moment.


Yup, happy happy happy!!!

Hiking in Acadia National Park – Part II


The second day of our vacation, we had a wicked thunderstorm in the early morning and the day did not improve weather-wise, so we decided to just roll with it and spent the day in Bar Harbor, touristing.  We hit Shermans Book Store and Cool as a Moose, had lunch at one of our favorite little restaurants West St. Cafe Seaside Grille.  We sat outside on their little patio, watching the locals go by on their way to work.  Great food and great service, which is usually the case no matter where you go in Bar Harbor.

Finally on the third day, the sun came out, reminding us of why we like coming to Maine!!!  After our usual morning routine, we headed toward the Sieur de Monts entrance to the park so that we could do the Great Meadow Loop.  The Great Meadow Loop was a walk that I had wanted to do because you could walk the Jesup path starting at Sieur de Monts and step off the path at the athletic fields in Bar Harbor, walk around town, have lunch and then get back on the path and walk to back to Sieur de Monts.  The Great Meadow Loop was originally made so that “rusticators” (late 19th and early 20th century name for vacationers from big cities that went to Maine to get back to nature) would be able to walk from town into the park and back again. We were having such a good time on the path that I forgot to take pictures of a few things, so I added some photos that we had taken last year to the mix.  The pics aren’t in any particular order.

We parked at the nature center and after looking around a bit we crossed a wooden bridge just to the left of the Wild Gardens of Acadia started up the Jesup Path. You walk from forest to wetlands to meadow to forest….. you get the idea.

I love this picture of the boardwalk.  We had walked it last year and I wanted to try to estimate just how long it is, because it does seem to go on forever.  It’s in a boggy area of white birch trees and as you can see, it’s fairly new.  There are 2 or three turnouts like the one in this picture,  and a couple have seats so that you can just sit quietly and watch for wildlife.  We only saw a frog.  It must have been lunchtime for the animals. 😉

Yup, we’re going the right way….. I love all of the hand carved signs. At least I think they’re hand carved!!

Ed pretending that he’s going to climb Dorr Mountain. =)

The walk was great and and the weather was fabulous — we were able to follow the signs past a cemetery and the golf course, alongside Cromwell Harbor Road, then another cemetery, then past another golf course…… or was it the same one? Then we found ourselves back at Hemlock Trail and knew that we had missed the athletic fields in Bar Harbor!  We were back where we started! Oh well, we’ll just drive into town!!

Photos of Stewman's Downtown Lobster Pound, Bar Harbor
This photo of Stewman’s Downtown Lobster Pound is courtesy of TripAdvisor

We ate at Stewman’s Lobster Pound, a restaurant that is right on the pier with a gorgeous view of the harbor.  It’s the kind of place that you just know from the look of it, it’s going to have really great food!!  We sat on the upper deck where it was sunny and very breezy.  Umbrellas weren’t an option unfortunately, because it was so windy. Our waiter was friendly but not overly so, and very knowledgeable about all of the specials.  Oh and BTW —  Stewman’s is where the Obamas ate when they were in town a couple years ago!!

A view from Stewmans upper deck

Of course, Ed enjoyed his lobster and beer immensely.  I had fish and chips, my staple when we go to a seafood restaurant.  I’m just a landlubber at heart — I’ve tried shrimp and lobster and clams and scallops, but I think I started eating seafood too late in life to acquire a taste for it!!

Hiking in Acadia National Park — Part 1


Having camped together for some time, Sweet Baboo and I have fallen into a very comfortable routine.  I get up first and put the coffee on our little stove (after several mentions from him about how wonderful my coffee is and how his just can never compare, yada yada yada!) He gets up a little bit  later while I’m drinking my coffee and planning our itinerary for the day.  After a leisurely breakfast that he prepares, (his breakfasts are so wonderful and mine just can never compare, yada yada yada!! ) we wait a bit longer until everybody in the park has risen, eaten, and piled into their cars or onto their bikes and have left the campground.   We can then mosey on up to the bathrooms to get ready for the day in relative peace.

Hiking is our preferred activity in Acadia, having tried biking the carriage roads our first year and finding that riding up hills and down dales is not a safe for us at our ages. We decided to hike/walk Tarn Trail, also known as the Kane path.

We parked our car just off Rt 3 in a parking lot just south of the Sieur de Monts springs entrance.  Out of the parking lot, and a short walk to the south and we were at the north end of  The Tarn (which is a mountain pond or lake, carved out by a glacier thousands of years ago).  This  not a difficult hike and enjoyable — you start out skirting the tarn, then move into the forest, then there is some scrambling to be done over large boulders that have cleaved off Dorr Mountain.

We continued past the Ladder Trail and part way up the Gorge Trail, then returned to the parking lot after a hike of about 2 miles or so. By that time, the pretty blue sky had clouded over and rain was threatening.

Pretty purple bog flowers in the Tarn