Photo Hunt – Yellow


A most precious shade of yellow — GrandDolly’s hair

GrandDolly's hair


Sunday Scribblings #136 — Change


“Twinkle, twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you are.”

Yes, I agree — it is an odd opening for a prompt about Change.

My GrandDolly was the first thing I thought of when I saw the word change.  She’s a little over two now and as fiercely independent as she can be.  Her personality changes with the winds.  She has been going through every stage ever written about in parenting books and magazines.  When we finally get a handle on how to deal with her latest phase, she’s running in another direction toward a new one. My life feels complete with her in it.  She has changed our lives on so many levels. I can not imagine a time without her in our lives.

But that’s not the change I wanted to tell you about.

In GrandDolly’s room, there is a pretty white pig with shiny jewels and a ruffly pink skirt.  It sits on her little dresser.  GrandDolly will come up to me, put her little hand on my knee and say “Memere, can I have coins?” And of course I reply “yes, bebe”, knowing how happy it makes her. Young children love repetition. One of our rituals when she is at my house is to empty out Memere’s wallet of change and then put the pretty white pig on the floor.  I watch those chubby little fingers pick up the coins and put them in the slot.  Again and again, we sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” along with the music that plays as the change drops into the piggy.

Change.  Such a lovely memory GrandDolly has given me.


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It’s funny how their little minds work…..


One of GrandDolly’s new playthings are her Mr. Potato Heads.  She’s taken quite a liking to anything with a hole in it that she could shove a Potato Head part into.  Imagine my surprise the first time I found this stuck in my bathroom door knob.

When I take it out, she promptly finds it and puts it back in.  Not sure what the significance might be, but she likes it there.

Behold the GrandDolly’s Socks!!!


These turned out so darn cute!! I didn’t try real hard to get the yarn pattern to match, but it did pretty well by itself. When I had finished one, I tried it on her to make sure the size was okay, which it was. We take care of GrandDolly a couple times a week while her mom and dad work, so Sweet Baboo thought it would be a good idea if we took her itty bitty socks and put them in a Fisher Price mailbox thing that she likes to play with. She’ll probably fling them over her shoulder, but what the heck, she’s only 14 months old. I’ll try to have my camera ready when she opens that little door.

GrandDollys socks

Anyway — it seems that this yarn is the only yarn I am ever going to knit with again. I started with one ball of yarn Darling Daughter’s socks. Then she requested that I make a pair for GrandDolly. I agreed but then had to go back to get another ball because I knew that I wouldn’t have enough. Then Darling Daughter thought it would be so great if I could make a roll brim hat for her. And since I was doing that anyway, could I also make one for GrandDolly so that Mommy and Baby will match? And being the ever doting Grammie, off to the yarn shop I go for more of this yarn………………………….

A list of five happies II


1. Three day weekend — Our office is closed on Mondays and one doc and staff work every other Saturday morning — so every other weekend is a three day weekend and this weekend is mine!! Yay!! More knitting time for me!! I may even put it down long enough to wash the kitchen floor!

2. Cinch Saks — These little bags are so great — much lighter than a backpack — easier to walk with than a purse. I just walked down to my local yarn store (it was such a trial to walk down there and buy more needles, sigh) with my wallet, keys, water bottle and eyeglasses in a case and back again. Very comfy!!

3. Love — Feeling the GrandDolly’s arms around my knees and seeing her face beaming up at me.

4. My lint roller — It sounds very strange, but Sweet Baboo swiped it across Sadie Doo Dah’s back (our neurologically challenged cat) while playing with her one night and found that it pulled alot of fur off. Even more surprising, Sadie liked it, so now he “de-lints” her every evening and I have much, much less fur to contend with.

5. The view from the window over my computer monitor. We have a line of pine trees that separate our property from the neighbor in back of us and it is a freeway for squirrels to chase each other up and down and around, plus leaping from bough to branch. The birds flit in and out all day too — just a minute ago I saw a hummer — they seem to like the zinnias that we planted this year and have been visiting off and on all summer.

Our precious GrandDolly


I had to take this shot while she was sleeping — when she is awake, trying to get a picture of her is like trying to nail Jell-o to a tree. Like most one year olds, she is in perpetual motion. I have three times as many photos of the back and top of her head as I do of her face!! This first year has gone so fast!!