A list of five happies II


1. Three day weekend — Our office is closed on Mondays and one doc and staff work every other Saturday morning — so every other weekend is a three day weekend and this weekend is mine!! Yay!! More knitting time for me!! I may even put it down long enough to wash the kitchen floor!

2. Cinch Saks — These little bags are so great — much lighter than a backpack — easier to walk with than a purse. I just walked down to my local yarn store (it was such a trial to walk down there and buy more needles, sigh) with my wallet, keys, water bottle and eyeglasses in a case and back again. Very comfy!!

3. Love — Feeling the GrandDolly’s arms around my knees and seeing her face beaming up at me.

4. My lint roller — It sounds very strange, but Sweet Baboo swiped it across Sadie Doo Dah’s back (our neurologically challenged cat) while playing with her one night and found that it pulled alot of fur off. Even more surprising, Sadie liked it, so now he “de-lints” her every evening and I have much, much less fur to contend with.

5. The view from the window over my computer monitor. We have a line of pine trees that separate our property from the neighbor in back of us and it is a freeway for squirrels to chase each other up and down and around, plus leaping from bough to branch. The birds flit in and out all day too — just a minute ago I saw a hummer — they seem to like the zinnias that we planted this year and have been visiting off and on all summer.