Wow, been off the radar screen for a bit, eh?


It’s been almost a year! Yeah, FB sucked me back in — however, I’m off again, thanks to their ingenious new layout, which is incomprehensible to me and since I can’t find anything, there’s no use in being active in it. I’ll probably check in to the wretched “blue site” now and then to see what’s going on with my upcoming 40th (gulp) class reunion slated for July 2012 or thereabouts.

I’ve started knitting again — it was just too hot this summer in Connecticut to even just hold yarn, let alone make it in to something.  I have to hand it to diehard knitters — maybe it’s the hot flashes but I don’t find any satisfaction knitting in 90 degree weather.  It’s going to be socks all around for all 3 grands this year.  I’ve got one sock almost done but my camera is in the shop (Yes, my brand new, just bought it in Niagara Falls camera that took the place of my old camera that Ed and I dropped on Table Rock in Niagara Falls!! )  At any rate, it should be back soon and I’ll have lots of pictures to post then, of both the Falls and kiddo socks!!

And as I like to say to everybody I meet, if you’ve never been to Niagara Falls, get yourself a passport and by all means GO!!  All the television shows and documentaries do not do it justice.

More later.  I promise.